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Lawyer Mental Health and Self-Harm Struggles: Identifying Opportunities to Help & Heal


Total General: .75 Total Professional Responsibility: .75      Mental Health & Substance Abuse: .75
This program will discuss some of the top contributing factors that challenge a lawyer’s mental health and wellness. The program will also discuss some of the signs and symptoms that lawyers facing mental health struggles display that may lead to self-harm, as well as tips on how others can offer assistance to colleagues and others struggling with mental health issues.

Program Objectives:
  • Learn about factors that put lawyers at a higher self-harm risk as well as the risk factors and warning signs of suicide.
  • Apply the concepts learned to support fellow lawyers and others who may be struggling.
  • Reflect on one’s own wellness and what steps can be taken if the learner or a colleague is in need of assistance.
Melissa Smart, Director of Education, Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission
Patrick Hurley, Learning Management System Coordinator, Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission
Christine Anderson, Intake Group Manager and Director, Probation and Lawyer, Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission
Dr. Diana Uchiyama, Executive Director, Illinois Lawyers’ Assistance Program “LAP”